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The greatest asset any business can have is people. Modi Enterprises is fortunate to have some of the most dynamic and capable entrepreneurial minds at the helm.
K. K. MODI (President)
  Born in Patiala, India, Krishan Kumar Modi (August 27, 1940) is the eldest son of Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi, the founder of Modi Enterprises.  Moving away from the traditional businesses of the family, K. K. Modi has been guiding the Group’s strategic development and giving it overall direction. He has shaped the Group’s core philosophy and vision, and has been involved with every major development and decision, as it grew to become one of India’s leading corporate houses. He is at currently at the helm of an aggressive growth plan that will catapult the Group into the global arena within the next five years. Mr. Modi is known for his hands on approach to business and as the head of the Corporate Management Council – the apex decision making body of the Group, he plays a key role in steering the Group companies and giving shape to the Group’s vision for the future.

A true visionary, K. K. Modi has made a significant contribution to Indian industry and holds numerous positions in industry, trade, education, sports and charitable organisations. He is the President of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and
Industry (CACCI); Member of the Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow) and Life Member of the All India Heart Foundation (Delhi) and has had a successful stint as a past President of FICCI (1997-98) and President of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
BINA MODI (Chairperson Family Council)
Bina Modi is the Chairperson of the Family Council of the K. K. Modi Group. An astute business person, Bina Modi has founded and built several successful brands including the Ego Specialty Restaurant Chain, Bina Fashions, Dessange Salon and Beacon Travels. With a deep understanding of the Group’s intrinsic strengths and potential, she plays a key role in aligning the core leadership team towards the Group’s goals.

She is driven by a personal vision to bring the most modern people management and human resource concepts into the  Group. As the Chairperson of the Family Council, she facilitates active interaction and dialogue for overall cohesion and consensus based decision making. She is leading the initiative to develop the next generation of leaders and to enable succession planning for the Group.

Also, as the Chairperson of the Family Council, she plays a very important role in deciding how the Group will be managed by the next generation of promoters.
CHARU MODI BHARTIA (Executive Director)
Charu Modi Bhartia chose her path to coincide with her deep interest in academics. Educated at Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi and Thunderbird - The American Graduate School of International Management, USA, Charu Modi Bhartia continues to pursue higher academic specialization in her area of expertise.

During her stint abroad, she saw the need to introduce international level education in India, to equip the youth to compete at a global level. Her deep knowledge and interest in academics gives her the ability to envision a future where the finest global education will be easily made available to deserving Indian students. In pursuance of her vision she is leading the educational initiative of the Group, and has already established institutions in India in collaboration with world leading academic bodies.

Her sharp and inquisitive mind is constantly looking to break new barriers in her field of interest, as she concentrates her efforts towards achieving the Group’s overall vision of becoming a global leader.
LALIT MODI (Executive Director)
Lalit Modi is known for his forward-looking approach to business, and has successfully undertaken many innovative new ventures.It is this dynamism and perspective on the businesses of the future that led Lalit Modi to launch Modi Entertainment Network that brought FTV to India, and also drove him to wrangle the intellectual property rights of Disney for India, much ahead of its time.

This aspect of his personality, to assimilate and encourage new thinking, marked his stint as the Chairman and Commissioner of the Indian Premier League too. He was also the Chairman of the Champions League from 2008 to 2010, Vice President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Vice President of the Punjab Cricket Association.

Lalit Modi’s incisive vision and sharp business acumen is constantly tapped to create impetus for expanding the K.K. Modi Group into sunrise industries and blue ocean business arenas.
SAMIR MODI (Executive Director)
Samir Modi has an intuitive entrepreneurial mind that is constantly striving to bring new and radical ideas to life. At the helm of all new businesses, he plays a vital role in the Group role in with his expertise in conceptualizing, strategizing and setting up new ventures.

An alumnus of the famed Harvard Business School, Samir Modi’s stint in US has given him a global perspective and a multicultural approach to work. Armed with his new philosophy of management, and his innovative and lateral thinking, he came back to India and in 1996, he launched  Modicare, which marked the beginning of new concepts and business ideas for the K. K. Modi Group. With his finger on the pulse of the emerging, new Indian consumer, Samir Modi felt the need for an Indian cosmetics brand offering products at par with international brands, and this led him to establish Colorbar Cosmetics in 2004,. He also launched the first of its kind round-the-clock convenience retail chain – Twenty Four Seven Retail Stores in 2005.
He also took the onus of continuing the philanthropic tradition of his family and set up the Modicare Foundation that does extensive work in the field of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention as well as gender related issues.
RUCHIR MODI (Executive Director)
A business management graduate from the United Kingdom, Ruchir Modi is a Director of Godfrey Phillips India Ltd and began his journey towards bringing innovation to India with a far-reaching vision to reach out to the masses and deliver them with the best of products and services.

Founder and CEO of Modi Ventures, Ruchir is one of the India’s leading entrepreneurs who believes in following a pragmatic approach, which boosts him to achieve success in today’s changing era.

He is also the Director of the KK Modi Group and Modi Enterprises and is spearheading the digital transformation of the business.

Ruchir Modi is also Director of Peyotito, a high-end Modern Mexican restaurant located in the charming neighbourhood of Notting Hill. An avid cricket follower, he is President of the Alwar Cricket Association in Rajasthan.

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